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Our work from videos to websites.
BettingIn is our main project at Boreal and is a social network community for sports betting.

It is the first betting social network where tipsters or punters around the world exchange betting information about the daily sport news, tips, predictions and much much more. It mimics the information exchange of the most popular social network "Facebook".

BettingIn gathers all the necessary betting tools and information, a punter or tipster needs, in one single place.
Izdelava logotipov in celostne podobe podjetja.
Flirtmaker is a community where people around the world join thousands of singles to find their best match.
Guess the Score
Guess the Score is a sports prediction game where users predict scores of their favorite soccer matches and compete to be the best and win great prizes.
City Screen
CityScreen is a advertising LED display in the center of the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The website was created to present the services that it offers for potential clients.
You're Up Radio
"You're up" will be a modern cyber radio programme, meant for presenting the global alternative scene.We offer a wide variety of music styles and artists from different parts of the world. The programme will contain different shows made by various artists representing different sub cultures, established and unknown artists, along with their underground scene. This project is meant to create a network of known and amateur artists, producers and different radio stations that support this kind of action. You're up radio team feels that the modern alternative culture offers a lot of young talented artists, who are pushed aside by the commercial entertainment industry.
Bjunki Comedy
Bjunki Comedy is a stand up video collection where all the greatest comedy stand up shows can be viewed.The content is embeded from all over the web.
Bjunki is a collection of documentaries that describe the current world affairs and global problems in order to open eyes and spread the word trough out the world.
Guitar God
Guitar God is an online RPG game where the player takes the role of a rockstar, battles opponets all over the world while he customizes and trains his character in order to become the best guitar god. This is our project and it is work in progress.
Smakci & Friends
Smakci and friends is a comedy radio show and was create by 7 very talented and creative students who strive to create a new wave in radio comedy.

We collaborated with the Smakci team to create a website/blog where they can update their radio and other comedy content.