What we do.
We develop, design, optimize, promote and much more.
Web application design & development
We develop and design unique and beautifull web sites and applications. We strive to create simple and functional solutions making it ease to use for your customers. We also create custom software solutions that suit your needs.
Hosting solutions
We offer hosting solutions for your web applications/sites at low monthly costs and custom support.
Mobile design & development
As the mobile industry takes over a vital part of the internet and applications market we create mobile pages and applications for your existing page or a completly custom product. We create regular wap, mobile html, android and much more.
Corporate identity design
We design the whole identity of the company from logos, print media to web sites and product design. Becuse your company has to stand out in the market as a unique product that will attract customers.
We create short animated spots for tv or internet promotion. Trough video animations you can catch you potential clients attention and convey the message of the product or company in matter of seconds.
Website SEO optimization
Your website can be beautiful and functional but if people can't find you in Google, it will be ineffective and it wont help your business. Thats why it's important to optimize you website for search engines so customers can find you while searching the web.
Social media marketing
As most people today interact within social networks, it has become a must to present your company in those circles in order to better you customer relations and to promote your branding and corporate identity.